5 Reasons Why Happiness Is The Only Real Objective Every Business Should Set

Frank Elda
4 min readAug 9

(you read it right, it’s not “Make as much money as possible”)

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In the bustling world of commerce, amidst the cacophony of numbers, targets, and metrics, have we ever paused to reflect on what truly fuels a business’s heart and soul?

It’s not the ringing of the cash register or the uptick in sales graphs.

It’s the genuine smiles, the heartfelt thank yous, and the contentment of our customers. In 3 words: make them happy!

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1. The Ripple Effect of Genuine Happiness

When customers are truly content, their happiness radiates beyond mere transactions.

They return, not just lured by a product or service, but drawn by the experience, the emotion, the connection.

Their stories, shared over dinner tables or coffee breaks, create ripples of positivity, touching more lives than we can imagine.

Their unwavering loyalty becomes a testament to genuine connections, not just effective marketing strategies.

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2. Digital Footprints and Shared Journeys

In this digital age, where every click, like, and share tells a story, the narrative of customer contentment stands out.

Each positive review paints a picture of someone’s day brightened, a moment made memorable. And even as businesses grapple with the inevitable hiccups, the overwhelming warmth of satisfied customers shines through, overshadowing the occasional glitches.

Trust, in this landscape, transforms from mere transactional confidence to shared journeys and intertwined stories.

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3. The Dialogue of…

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