Create Less, Get More? A Rant Against The Creator Machine.

Frank Elda
5 min readSep 24

(The creator game is upside down)

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I’ve been playing with this idea lately that creating less but better could be a better way to succeed.

The current trend, and deep belief from most creators and online gurus, is to post a ton of content a la Gary V.

In essence, you’d have to become a content machine. You see what I mean, right? pumping out as many articles — tweets — and videos, over as many platforms as you can is the new gold.

But is it?

The more I think about it and try to force myself into this game, the more I see a few problems.

Starting with the volume.

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The Problem With Volume

If we all play this game of creating a ton of content, what will happen?

There will be a higher level of online noise, creators burning out and consumers getting sick of being fed with regurgitated or empty content.

It’s already there.

And even from the biggest names such as Dan Koe. He’s writing good things, but they get diluted and at some point, I stopped listening or reading most of his stuff because it’s the same stuff.

Too bad.

So I want to ask you a question: do you want the digital world to be filled with 1000s (or more!) variations of the same idea?

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It is not the only way

I am accumulating a growing list of evidence that there is another path to success for a creator.

A path that I’ve seen Michael Simmons formulate clearly in one word: “blockbuster”.

The idea is to create less frequently but higher quality content than everyone else.

And he practices it.

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