How To Clap Like A Pro On Medium

It’s so easy!

Frank Elda


Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

I feel like the baby in the photo.

Although I saw the web coming to the public (yep, I’m that old), I surprised myself by discovering new features I didn’t expect.

Nothing complicated but soooo helpful.

I’m talking about clapping on stories or comments.

My philosophy is to clap 50 times if I genuinely like it.

But it’s not super convenient to do: you have to click like a madman or tap on your phone as if you had an epilepsy crisis (hopefully not).

Until right now, about 2 minutes before publishing this story.

I discovered that you can be the best clapper on Medium without having to go see a doctor for finger tendonitis.

The technique is… drum rolls, please!

Keep your mouse or finger pressed on the little clapping hands.

Yep, that works, you can try it!

Now, you’re part of the league of pro clapper!

Be great,




Frank Elda

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