I Stole For You A Secret From a $100M Company CEO

Frank Elda
5 min readMar 10, 2022

So you can apply it to your business

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Do you feel you are often drifting from your goals and you want to get more out of every day of your life?

I do.

I have dreams, and I set goals to get closer to them, but regularly, day after day, I see myself shifting focus and doing stuff that doesn’t align with my goals. By fear, due to old habits, or past mindset.

But today, this comes to an end for you and me.

I stole a secret tool from Noah Kagan that can help keep the direction you set, keep your actions aligned with your goals and your values.

I call this tool…the Aspiration List.

Intrigued? Keep reading!

What is an Aspiration List?

This is a list of values, attitudes, directions that you want to follow in your life.

I made up the name, but I took this concept from this video by Noah Kagan:

The principle is to write down a list of items related to your values (or the ones you want to cultivate) and aspirations. Then you want to set the habit of reading this list every morning.

This will help you stay on track and don’t drift and make decisions not aligned with what you aspire to (hence the name).

OK, but how do you make that list?

That’s what I will show you in the next section.

How to create one?

The first thing to do is find those aspirations and list the values and attitudes you want to cultivate or maintain.

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Find your core values

Knowing your core values can help you understand yourself better (always good!). And to define what is essential…



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