These quotes from Alex Hormozi could change your life

(if you take action)

Credit: Alex Hormozi

89.4% of people who follow Alex Hormozi have seen their income multiplied 5.27x (on average)

Ok, that’s made up, but this is what could happen to you if you read this thread.

Here are 6 MUST-READ quotes from Alex curated by Tim Denning and commented by your humble servitor.

1) “A focused fool can accomplish more than a distracted genius”

Being smart can ruin your progress.

My math teacher in high school told me once: “You are thinking too much!”

I should have listened.

2) “How to stay poor: Start tomorrow.”

Sure, if you don’t do anything and spend your time procrastilearning, you’ll get nowhere.

The same if you start today and stop tomorrow.

3) “Most already know what to do and simply don’t do it. It’s not ignorance. It’s fear.”

You procrastinate because you let your emotions control you. Fear is a bad counsellor.

Best solution: take action in the next 5 sec. Anything aligned with your goals.

4) “The easiest way to change your behavior is to change your surroundings.”

Your environment shapes your emotions and thoughts, which drive your behaviour.

Hack your physical environment and filter who you spend time with.

I ditched many “friends”. I am happier than ever.

5) “Strategy is easy. Execution is hard.”

Ideas without action are worthless, even the most brilliant. Start small but do something about them.

6) “Volume x Time = Skill”

The more you practice, the more skilled you’ll become. Do more for a longer time, and you’ll reach world-class levels.

Reading this won’t help you.

You have to execute to get any results and provoke the changes you want.

You got this!



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