You Do Not Need To Find Your Passion To Make Money

It will come to you if you do the work

Frank Elda


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That’s a huge number, right?

Still, it is contained in a tiny object, not bigger than a millimeter (0.04 inches).

“What are you talking about?” you probably think.


A grain of sand and the number of atoms inside (approximatively).

And it’s only one fascinating fact about sand. We could go on for hours about it’s composition, how the fundamental physical forces make the atoms arrange in a very symmetric and periodical manner, the use of this material (typically silica) for different industrial uses…

It’s like peeping through a portal giving you access to the secrets and magnificience of the whole Universe.

Next time you’ll walk on a sandy beach, you’ll think about how much complexity and beauty there is under your feet!

Photo by jim gade on Unsplash

I took this example to show you what happens when you take the most common thing and you dive deeper and deeper into its understanding.

Same for any activity, skill, business model.

The most boring can become the most fascinating one if you go deep.

So instead of trying to find your passion, cultivate more depth in what you already do or are curious about.

Chances is that this will become your passion, driven by your curiosity and the discoveries you’ll make.

Become explorers,




Frank Elda

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